Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business

This innovative and cutting-edge programme provides you with the knowledge, skills and competencies required for a career in management and administration, with emphasis on modern business practice in the digital age.

Course Overview

Solid foundations in modern business essentials

The BA (Hons) in Business is designed to give a structured business education that provides a solid foundation for success in your career in business. This programme provides a strong grounding in fundamental business concepts, ideas, practices and methodologies. When you graduate, you will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to enter the business world professionally and quickly progress to a management role within a general or specific field of business.

Digitally focussed on emerging technologies

Designed for the global digital transformation this programme prepares you with key transferrable skills such as adaptive thinking, creativity and problem solving.  It provides a grounding in emerging technologies with modules such as Enterprise Systems, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Our students learn to learn in a supportive academic environment, engage in teamwork and collaboration on a programme underpinned by an ethos of Sustainable and Ethical Business.

Designed with employability in mind.

Employers are looking for people who can think critically and solve problems. They also want people who are flexible and can adapt to any situation. Each module in the degree was chosen so that our graduates stand out from the crowd. Core skillsets and business foundations are complemented with specialist modules that tackle more complex issues facing businesses today. Topics such as design thinking, digital business, cyber security and more help our graduates develop an enhanced awareness and ability to thrive in the modern business marketplace.

Flexible start dates & a diverse student population

Don't wait to start your degree. Choose one of our three intakes each year that fits within your schedule. You will begin the course at the beginning and flow through each module in the correct order, regardless of when you start your studies.

The world is more connected now than ever, and a diverse perspective is key to succeeding in any business situation. We are proud to host over 15 different nationalities in this programme. This diverse cultural environment helps to reinforce what is taught in the classroom, promoting flexibility of thought, conscious collaboration and the value of considering situations from multiple viewpoints.

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Structure & Content

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business is a three-year programme taken full time, set at Level 8 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and Level 6 on the European Qualification Framework and carries 180 ECTS. This programme has been developed with consultation from employers so that we can give you the skills necessary for a successful career in management and administration.

You'll be introduced to important emerging technologies such as SAP Software to deliver transformative business outcomes and explore innovative and emerging business trends. You will be equipped to further develop personally, participate meaningfully in society and community, and embrace lifelong learning.

The course is also designed to ensure you are independent, self-sufficient and have a deep understanding of, and commitment to, sustainable and ethical business.

Programme Details

This course is a dynamic exploration of the modern business environment. Students undertake four modules per Semester, following a specific sequential order that builds their skillsets in a natural progression, moving from core business essentials into more specialist areas that address the challenges facing businesses today.

This practical approach to business education is further enhanced through guest lectures, professional workshop sessions and individual mentoring, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

You will be taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials and personal directed learning.

On completion of this programme you will receive a Europass Diploma Supplement which provides information that makes it easier for employers and education institutions to understand your qualification. On successful completion of this degree you will be able to:

  • Discuss the theory, concepts and methods of contemporary business disciplines with an understanding of the inter-relationships of modern business functions and processes, relevant to the digital age.
  • Demonstrate a current and detailed knowledge of, and specialisation in, core fields of business, management and administration.
  • Apply a range of specialised business skills, digital business tools and techniques to research, evaluate and support decision making, be able to advocate, present and defend solutions and ideas.
  • Diagnose business and technical problems in ill-defined and fast-changing environments, demonstrate professional judgement, an analytical approach and effectively communicate recommendations, based on a range of research techniques, to specialist and non-specialist stakeholders.
  • Integrate information acquired from a variety of contexts and contribute creatively taking accountability for actions and informed by wider social responsibilities.
  • Work well both autonomously and within group settings to identify business requirements and apply effective interpersonal, leadership and communication skills in recommending solutions.
  • Demonstrate a high level of learning autonomy, including personal development through reflective practice and a commitment to creativity, ethical, legal, social responsibility in a contemporary business environment.
  • Evaluate own values, practice and world view, whilst demonstrating sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business, management and ethical issues.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Irish Leaving Certificate:

Grade O6/H7 or better in 6 Irish Leaving Certificate subjects including English and Mathematics, two of which must be passed in higher level papers at Grade H5 or higher.


Any QQI-FET (formerly FETAC) Level 5/6 award in a cognate discipline including a distinction grade in at least 3 components.


Satisfactory completion of a level of achievement in Secondary Education in their country-of-origin equivalent in standing to the Irish Leaving Certificate with two subjects at H5 and four subjects at O6/H7, including Mathematics and English or another language or its equivalent. Satisfactory completion of an approved Foundation Year Program offered by an accredited institution of higher education at level 5 (where attainment is equivalent to at least 2 H5 and 4 O6/H7) or at Level 6. For a full list of acceptable alternative qualifications, please get in touch with us.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Applicants will be considered with equivalent academic attainment such as: Satisfactory completion of an approved programme of study in their country of origin deemed to be the equivalent of a Foundation Year Programme offered by an accredited institution of higher education described in the NARIC Ireland Guidelines. Satisfactory completion of one year of full-time study at the post-secondary level in their country of origin at an institute of higher education or its equivalent. Contact Admissions for further information on RPL.

English Language:

Learners are required to have completed English in the Irish Leaving Certificate at a minimum level of O6/H7. If English is not the learner’s native language, they must meet the English language requirements below:

* CEFRL B2+ as evidenced through a recognised English language test such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL and taken within two years of application.

* Alternatively, applicants must have successfully completed at least 60 ECTS in a course at Leaving Certificate level or above with English as the Language of Instruction. Information on recognised English language tests and scores equivalent to CEFRL B2+ can be obtained from Admissions.

Mature Applicants:

Mature Applicants (as defined by CAO 2023) are applicants to undergraduate programmes who are at least 23 years of age on 1st January of the year of admission are deemed to be mature applicants and are not required to meet the normal academic entry levels. Mature applicants are considered on the basis of their previous studies, formal, informal and non-formal, and relevant work and life experience. Mature applicants will submit a personal statement comprehensive CV and will be interviewed as part of the admissions process.

Applicants with Disabilities:

Applicants with any disability which requires special assistance by the Institute, should meet the minimum entry requirements for their chosen programme. Contact Admissions for further information on supports provided.

Advanced Entry Requirements:

Acquire a BA (Hons) in Business Degree (Level 8) in one academic year

Applicants with a degree in digital business, business management or similar may be considered for advanced entry. Students wishing to access the programme with advanced entry to the final year must present a portfolio and be interviewed.

Applicants may also be assessed on their digital skills.

Those with level 7 degrees, Higher National Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas may be accepted onto the course. 

EEA: € 5,000

International: € 10,000

Scholarships are available. Please contact us to discuss your eligibility.

student working at a start up


Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business degree leads to employment in any number of business, management or administration-related roles.

The programme is also designed to lead to further study in cognate areas. This programme has been specifically designed to ensure graduates will be equipped with the relevant skills and competencies sought by employers today.

The digital focus prepares students for the new digital workplace and introduces the key technical innovations in modern business. The emphasis on using software applications as business tools opens the door to further learning and research and also prepares students for specialised programmes at postgraduate level.

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